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peptides for weight loss

Looking for natural peptides to help balance blood sugars and help with weight loss?

We can help!  We offer natural peptides at our Wichita office. Contact us today!

What is a peptide and how do they work?

A peptide is a chain of amino acids that have been bound together into a specific sequence, containing less than 50 amino acids. (More than 50 amino acids is considered a protein.)

When introduced to the body, that specific sequence of amino acids signals the body to perform an action. The action performed by the body depends on the sequence of amino acids provided.

Peptides simply trigger the body to do something that it already knows how to do., but hasn't been triggered to do for a period of time.

Peptides sold from Shubert Natural Health Care & Chiropractic do not contain any additives or synthetic ingredients, ensuring a natural and effective response within the body without negative side effects.

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What are the different types of peptides?
*Please note, there are are other peptides available for other conditions as well.

Anxiety & Depression Protocol

The Anxiety & Depression Protocol utilizes the peptides Semax and Selank. They can help improve memory and reduce stress. They work like a "brain booster" to help you think better and feel more relaxed.

Blood Sugar Support & Weight Reduction Protocol

The Blood Sugar Support & Weight Reduction Protocol utilizes the peptide Semaglutide to help individuals control their blood sugar levels. It's a helper for the body to use sugar more effeciently and keep the blood healthy.

Organ Health & Anti-Aging Protocol

The Organ Health & Anti-Aging Protocol utilizes the peptides Kisspeptin and Epitalon. The combination benefits the health and longevity of the body's organs and cells.

Joint & Wound Healing Protocol

The Joint & Wound Healing Protocol utilizes the peptides BPC-157 and TB-500. BPC-157 helps promote healing and reduces inflammation, while TB-500 helps with tissue repair and muscle growth.

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